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bags (Cynthia Deng and Elif Erez)

bags is Cynthia Deng and Elif Erez. They are interdisciplinary designers, hailing from New Haven and Istanbul respectively. Their collective work spans installations, stories, workshops, and speculative infrastructures. They think and work through narratives, temporal multiplicities, and situated standpoints with a reparative lens prioritizing social and ecological care. They have been collaborating since 2017, when they were part of a team that was awarded the Harvard Mexican Cities Initiative fellowship for the project “Tracking Trash”. Most recently, they presented their pair thesis, “Care Agency: A 10-Year Choreography of Architectural Repair,” at the GSD. Cynthia is a dual degree candidate in the Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Planning programs. Elif is a dual degree candidate in the Master of Architecture and Master of Design Studies (Narratives) programs. Both earned their B.A. in Architecture from Yale University. Their speculations on waste, materials, care, and maintenance have been published in Log, Harvard Urban Review, and Disc Journal.