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What would you want to see in the Archipelago?

The Archipelago team invites students and recent graduates from around the world to investigate the blank areas within contemporary design discourse to generate an actionable idea that will occupy a corner of our schedule. There are no limitations to the subject of the proposal except that it must interact with notions of interiors, architecture, landscape, and manifest at some point during the duration of the digital event in Geneva. Proposals should be somehow situated within the broad field of design study, and manifest in multiple ways: digitally, physically or in-between, presenting new fascinations, long-term obsessions or sticky thoughts. Agitation to the status quo is necessary. Proposals should have a critical approach to content and its containers, and clear guidelines for the realization within the framework of an event of this kind.

While physical architectures play a part, the emphasis is on the light, candid, and flexible. Within our own research, we have come across pirate radio stations, public dinner parties, performative round tables, concerts, which could be plugged into the event whether in Geneva or from external (archipelagic) locations. There is ample existing infrastructure on-site, with standard power, water, and internet connection provided.

Archipelago seeks to center intergenerational and inclusive modes of inquiry. The invitation to speculate is blind and global. Projects developed from this open call sit alongside invited programming with equal weight.

Successful submissions will be further developed in collaboration with the Archipelago team for a Geneva-specific context. This is a paid opportunity: projects will receive an artistic and production fee.

All inquiries can be sent to

Image: Scènes de Nuit - Exposition, © HEAD – Genève, Baptiste Coulon


We ask you to submit a single PDF (Max. 10MB) detailing the proposal by March 15, 2021. There are no limits regarding text, images, or page count. Applicants will hear back from the Archipelago team by the end of March.